Success Story: High blood pressure leads to $5 million award in medical malpractice case

Mr. Meeks is a great lawyer that you can Trust! Eddy was recommended to me by my grandmother’s friend, he had worked for the friend a couple times and was said to be good and fair in law. As a lawyer, he worked on my case wisely and kept me informed about all the details of my case. I was hurt in accident with a tractor trailer that was in the wrong. During the accident I suffered a cracked skull, and a crushed left elbow. Because of my head injury I suffered a stroke to the brain. The stroke left me relearning how to talk, walk, and use my right arm correctly. I think my settlement was fair and well needed in my new life. I will tell anyone that needs a lawyer about Eddy Meeks!

– Travis Glover, Cordele, GA

Eddy Meeks has provided expert legal advice to me and my family for more than a decade. Eddy has always acted with honesty and integrity and has approached every situation thoughtfully with common sense. I have recommended Eddy many times and will continue to do so in the future.

– Bryan Hardegree

If I had to tell you about Eddy Meeks in one breathe or less, I would tell you that he is privileged enough to be considered a true Southern Gentleman. If I had two breathes I would also say that I believe him to be a God-fearing family man. An honest man. And a close personal friend.

– Clint Brannen, Jr. Brannen Motor Company

Mr. Meeks handled my case in a swift and no nonsense manner. My experience dealing with Mr. Meeks law firm has been stress free the whole time I have had to deal with them. I am happy with all the things he has been able to accomplish in my case.

– Derrick Irby